E-mobility is powered by its core - the electric motor. We at Tau are at the very core of the core: the copper winding wire, the magnetic core, the electrical steel.
We just make it better.

We are on the verge of radical transition towards a sustainable electric mobility. Our focus is on accelerating this development for more than just electric cars but for everything that moves: electric trucks, buses, vessels, planes, trains. They all need better electric motors with Tau technologies, Tau solutions and/or Tau wire. We at Tau make it happen.

Concrete action now is needed to bring underlying manufacturing processes and materials in line with the economic, environmental and social sustainability needed for future generations. The impact on climate is now – and everybody at both personal and professional level should act now. At Tau we strive to have this mindset when dealing with our customers, suppliers, partners, investors, with our families and with each other.

The equivalent traditional, carbon-based vehicles transportation account for about a quarter of all global energy consumption. We want to facilitate the transition to electric power, cutting the carbon footprint of transportation by at least two thirds. Sustainability starts not only with the required electric motors with higher performance but already with the greener manufacturing of their magnet core.

We have 21st century engineers in mind that want instant and constant knowledge of what is going on in their production line – from wherever they are, at home, in the gym, in the office or on the production floor. Their peace of mind is what we care about.