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Planning The Future Of E-Mobility And Energy During The Pandemic

Planning The Future Of E-Mobility And Energy During The Pandemic

Tau joins the discussion among government ministers, executives of energy and IT companies on how to accelerate the transition towards low carbon energy.

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On October 14, Tau presented in Skolkovo at the 27th meeting of the joint Russian-Italian Council for Economic, Industrial, Monetary and Financial Cooperation, a platform that regularly connects Italian and Russian government officials and business leaders to have their finger on the pulse of the bilateral development and prospects, and discuss the big issues of trade and business. This time it was headed by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, and the Russian Minister of Trade and Industry, Denis Manturov.

The discussion covered key topics in energy, transport, startups and innovation, but centered around the potentially devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic for small and medium-sized enterprises. The importance of the mutual efforts to develop and cooperate was stressed.

In the center, Luigi Di Maio and Denis Manturov during the meeting in the Skolkovo TechnoPark 
(сourtesy of Skolkovo Innovation Center)

Tau demonstrated how it contributes to keeping core automotive & e-mobility competences in Europe and how it supports import substitution, energy and metals R&D in Russia. One example given was the impending sea change in global enameling, a core industry for electrification with its focus on copper wire for electric motors. Environmental pollution, the high carbon footprint as well as production limits of traditional solvent-based enameling are no longer acceptable and have forced producers to find clean and better alternatives. 

Tau listened to what its customers really need and used scientific research to develop this alternative: its “ecofficient” wire coating method, DryCycle. Solvent-free additive manufacturing producing wire with superior electric, thermal and mechanical performance characteristics in a sustainable, green way: no harmful burning of solvents, significantly less scrap, 21st century controls and overall production simplicity.

Francesco Taiariol, Chief Executive Officer of Tau, stated that “… electrification of transport and decarbonization of energy are not only business opportunities but necessities. Keeping these core competences for the 21st century in Italy and Russia will have a significant impact on international competitivity and national labor markets in terms of future-proof job creation and protection. We are excited to capture these massive opportunities and are thankful for our unique presences in both Italy and Russia, and the support we get here in Skolkovo.”

Taiariol explained how Tau draws upon the existing industrial clusters: in Italy, the automotive cluster in Turin with its skilled engineering talent and existing supply chains. Working with European and global automotive and motor producers, Tau helps breathe new life into Turin’s automotive cluster by adding to its transition towards e-mobility. Scaling up its own production capacities, Tau will contribute to Turin’s reputation as a global center for transportation technology.

In Russia, Taiariol continued, Tau likewise draws upon the legacy energy, metals and chemical competence and availability of highly trained engineers. Working with Russian players like Severstal and other global market leaders, being embedded in and supported by Skolkovo, Tau substitutes imports with local production and creates international demand for products made in Russia.

About Tau

Tau brings unparalleled performance, sustainability & reliability to the core of electric motors. Focused on applications for automotive, energy and agriculture, Tau makes protective coatings for copper, aluminium and steel wire more durable, resistant and light, optimizes underlying production processes for environmental friendliness, pairs artificial intelligence with peace-of-mind operating simplicity, and incubates exciting technologies such as in smart sensors. Tau has offices in Turin (Italy), Moscow (Russia) & Berlin (Germany).

For more information, visit www.tau.group and follow Tau on Twitter and LinkedIn.