We at Tau have no fear of seeing things differently. Call it mental boldness. We like to challenge conventions – and norms when they are no longer sensible. Not being content with just minor adjustment, is our general approach to engineering solutions. Be disruptive, when necessary. We enjoy being confused and follow our intuitions.

Until recently, electric motors were considered a fully developed technology. That turned out to be premature. Fresh thinking has kept bringing new ideas and fuel the sea change that is sweeping through the entire value chain. Certain problems in industries have remained the same since decades. Until now. Our research & development simply focuses on what the end customers wants – be it in automotive, energy or consumer goods - and redesigns the processes to be state-of-art and sets new industry standard for years to come.

Chemistry is at the heart of insulation processes. In wire coating, chemistries hadn’t changed in decades. Thermosetting plastics remained the standard. Then thermoplastics came up, tested in extrusion for ages, offering new solutions but with the same hurdles like thickness, adhesion, thermal class and electrical performance. Now Tau mixes these two worlds to open up a whole new life of high performance.

Our technologies use process knowledge, smart sensors and data-based analytics. Paired with artificial intelligence, we provide unparalleled insight and predictive abilities that challenge what established tricks of the trade simply cannot deliver.

We all need creative breaks - and we encourage them! Instead of e-mobility all the time and only, we work on other projects, too, that emerge from lateral thinking: our unique thermal chamber calibrates future-oriented sensing solutions like MEMS for the automotive sector, for self-driving cars, for IoT, drones, robots and smartphones... but it can also be used for making really good cappuccino.

Engineering creativity is just one element: defining a stringent R&D strategy for these ideas, formulating a unique sales & marketing concept, developing a brilliant go-to-market strategy and putting together a compelling business plan are equally part of our idea incubation.